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Links to Science and Information About the Cannabis Issues

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People in Wyoming communities are hearing more and more about Cannabis these days.  Each group has their opinion on issues like:  Is it medicine, will our kids get addicted, how is it going to affect our communities.  These are all real concerns for the citizens of Wyoming to ask.  We are working here at Wyoming NORML to help you answer these questions by using links to science and medical reports by people who publish their work and are reviewed by their peers.  We also use documentary links made by very reputable people and also links to other information put out by real citizens, using many platforms, telling you their own stories.  We want you to educate yourself on these issues.  If you do, then you will be asking how do I sign a petition and help make medical Cannabis and Hemp cultivation legal in Wyoming.

We at Wyoming NORML know that these lists are not comprehensive. There are literally thousands of reports and studies that have been and are being done on Marijuana. We have given you links of studies and documentaries to give you information to make an educated decision.  If you educate yourself you will see that signing the petition is the right choice.   If you have more, please send them to us at press@wyomingnorml.org and we will FIND the answers to them.

To Submit new Links for these pages send an email to: press@wyomingnorml.org

*** WYOMING NORML does not endorse Cannabis use for individuals under 21 years of age unless prescribed by a physician.
*** WYOMING NORML does not endorse driving while under the immediate influence of Cannabis.

There is every reason to legalize medical Cannabis

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