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I've had a stomach problem that occasionally puts me in the emergency room for a few hours. For years they have just helped me the best they could, and when I explained marijuana seemed to be the only thing to help (because I'm honest when it comes to my health) they would usually accept it or at the very least casually dismiss it. However, I've had the problem twice this week. Both times, the doctors asked specifically if I smoked marijuana, something I'm not used to, and upon my answer of yes were CONVINCED that cannabis was the cause of all my problems. It's like they weren't even interested in actually finding out what was wrong. Even after my explanation about how this started long before I ever smoked, and that this is the reason I started smoking in the first place. They were still convinced.

The level of misinformation being pumped into Casper Medical Center is just laugh worthy if I wasn’t so worried that I feel like I have to fear them reporting me to some agency due to their attitude. If that wasn't enough, I was discussing the ordeal with a friend who recently was admitted for depression. They were told that depression was due to pot as well! Seriously?? I feel like this has something to do with the Sherrifs Union and their little misinformation website. A little propaganda war is expected in a place full of so much ignorance, but it's apparently starting to affect people's health and that's just wrong.

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